Friday, January 18, 2013

printed peplum (labuh) and flair skirt :)

Assalamualaikum :)

still remember those peplum and flair skirt? today we will give you the exact printed peplum but it is longer!  labuh bagi yang ketinggian 154cm macam sy ni adalah atas lutut. just nice kalau pakai dengan kain, nampak macam kurung moden gittew :) so we have 3 beautiful colours to give it to you. as for the flair skirt, we have 6 stunning colours. aww. enjoys!

All price is not including postage. for each postage, RM6 (for semenanjung) or RM9 (for Sabah n Sarawak) will be charged.

if interested, email us your full name, address, hp number and code to thank you :)

peplum (labuh)
material : lycra
size : free size (fits untill M)


Flair skirt
material : soft lycra
size : free size (fits S untill L)
suitable for people 170cm tall and below.

measurement for the skirt ONLY, not for peplum.

thank you :)

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