Wednesday, January 2, 2013

from plain jane to printed audrey.



Did i ever mention in this blog that i sell clothes based on my own taste? i will not sell clothes which i myself didn't wear it. i am a person who will always choose the safest way in fashion. because.. you'll never be a fashion victim! hehe. but.. sometimes it is good to wear something different. i love being different from others but i don't want to be 'weird'. My idol in fashion is Audrey hepburn and Wardina Safiyyah. kinda irony isn't it? but hey, both of them have their own charm. i love to combine two of 'em and walla! there you go, a classic but yet, muslimah fashion :)

new babies, printed peplum with a classic design and flair skirt. all material is soft lycra. all price is excluding postage. each postage is RM6 for semenanjung and RM9 for Sabah and Sarawak.

if interested, please email your full name, address, hp number and code to remember, serious buyer only! this is ready stock. will restock more next week.

peplum : fits XS untill M
skirt : fits S untill L (yeay to plus size!) suitable 
for 170cm height and below.

extra long peplum :

thank you :)


  1. dear,.pinggang tu means 14inc x2 ( ukur lilit )?