Monday, November 19, 2012

Adeeva maxi dress. (sold out)

Assalamualaikum n hi :)

would like to introduce Adeeva to you. as sweet as its name, Adeeva means gentle and pleasant. it is exactly how you will feel and others would see when you wear this piece of beautiful maxi dress. made with high quality of lycra, the material itself is so comfortable because it is not thick. since it is 50 inch/127cm long, any girl with the height of 170cm and below can wear this dress. 

i really love the design because the lower part of the dress (skirting) have drapped-like design. and to make it even more lovely, medium size roses had been added at the upper part of the dress. such a simple yet feminine design! this dress wouldn't go wrong in any occassion, to name : wedding event, dinner, convocation, candle light dinner, and much more :)

details : this is a ready stock dress but it is very limited. this dress is free size but it can fit up to L size due to its stretchable material. 170cm tall and below can wear this dress, so.. yeay to most of the girl! hihi :)

Price : RM94
(exclude postage. RM6 for semenanjung and RM9 for Sabah n Sarawak)

code : Adeeva Newtowne Brown (booked)

code : Adeeva Jet Black (SOLD OUT)

code : Adeeva Winter Grey

code : Adeeva Rosy Peach (SOLD OUT)

code : Adeeva Lilac

code : Adeeva Red Chilli (SOLD OUT)

credit to my brother AnnasEaskey for the photo and my lovely cousin, Ainun for such a beautiful pose :)

if interested, you can place your order by sending me your details : full name, address, hp number and code - to

thank you and have a nice day ahead :)


  1. cantikkk! tapi mahal sangat! lol :)

  2. alaaa nape x perasan entry ni.. color yg semua nak semua dah booked. kak fatin mimie tgah cari baju utk dinner post graduation ni :')